ChemCalc (2018)

ChemCalc is the first iPhone app that I developed and published in the iOS App Store. It's an all-in-one calculator and reference for general chemistry that I worked on for six months. It features a colorful table of elements with extensive element data, molar mass calculator and converter, chemical equation balancer, stoichiometry calculator, ICE table solver, as well as searchable lists of compound formulas, polyatomic ions, and thermodynamic quantities.

The central features of ChemCalc are its molar mass calculator, equation balancer, and ICE table solver. They function not through hard-coded values, but complex algorithms that took constant tweaking and countless trial-and-error tests to perfect. I wanted this app to make it easier to complete the tedious and time-consuming calculations that make chemistry notoriously difficult for first-time chemistry students. I decided to make ChemCalc free to download so that more high school and college students could use it to overcome their fear of chemistry.

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BCA Patient Tracker (2017)

In February 2017, many Northern California cities were evacuated due to the flood threat posed by the Oroville Dam. Due to the large number of evacuations, Bi-County Ambulance recruited me to create an app that would allow EMT's to efficiently log patient information.

In three months, I programmed a multi-platform app that allowed EMT's to submit patient information in realtime. The app then archives the records into a spreadsheet once the incident is over. The concept was relatively simple, but this was my first time developing software for a company and it was a privileged experience.

Occasionally, I work on other projects for Bi-County Ambulance. I designed their website from scratch, making job application submissions and ambulance standby requests completely electronic. Currently, I'm developing an inventory app for their ambulances.

Conjugation (2014)

Conjugation is an Android app that I built during my sophomore year of high school. I was taking Spanish 3 and learning countless verbs, tenses, and conjugations for grammar. At the same time, I took an online Android development course and decided to work on an app that wouldn't be as complicated to program, but more productive than a simple 'Hello World'. Eventually, the conjugation algorithm that simply replaced endings got more and more complex and I became obsessed with completing it.

When I finally published Conjugation in the Google Play Store, it was the first app I'd ever released. It gave you conjugations in all six forms in any tense, with verb autocomplete, stem-change handling, translations, and tutorials. I introduced it to my Spanish class first, then Reddit, and after that, it took off. Conjugation is the number one result when you search for "Conjugation" in the Play Store, surpassing 50,000 installs with a 4.5 star rating and hundreds of reviews.

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Study AP World History (2015)

The summer after I took AP World History, the most stressful and time-consuming class I had taken up until then, I decided to compile all the information I had from my notes, resources, and quizzes into an app. The Study AP World History app is essentially that: a compilation of information. I spent more time organizing and formatting summaries, questions, and terms than I spent creating the interface.

While Study AP World History isn't very complex in terms of code, by building this app, I learned how to design useful user interfaces for various screen sizes (phone and tablet). I also developed a "Night Mode" feature, implemented pay-to-remove-ads for revenue, and made improvements based on user feedback. The app currently has over 40,000 installs and a 4.5 star rating on the Play Store.

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